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At Kennel Brojan in Aurora, Colorado we breed the best German Shepherd dogs in the state and we are competitive on the national level. We are proud of the German heritage of our breed but even prouder Americans. We produce a German breed but still an all-American dog.

You have to love dogs and to understand the passion and devotion we invest in our four-legged friends. They are loving, loyal, affectionate and would do anything for us. Which is why we, here at Kennel Brojan, value the connection between man and animal. We put our heart in soul in the endeavors of offering you the best German Shepherd Dog you could get. We started 17 years ago in Aurora, Colorado. Our founder, Orlando Brojan, was (and still is) madly in love with the German Shepherd Breed. Kennel Brojan is based on the idea that there really is a best breed of dog, and that is what we like to call the American German Shepherd. Brojan loves everything about the breed and wanted to see that the bloodline was maintained properly. Thus, the Kennels Brojan were born.

When we first started, we didn’t have many dogs. We began breeding one male and two females. We were a small local breeder (we still are), but we had a lot of success. Despite our lack of marketing strategies, we had more customers than we could handle. The word that we offer high-quality German Shepherd puppies got out fast. As a result, we decided to take on a few more studs and bitches.

Today, Kennel Brojan has three males and five females. We consider this is enough. We don’t want to be one of those breeders who have a high number of dogs and cannot keep up. We aren’t a puppy mill and we aren’t big business. We are a local, American breeder of the best German Shepherds in the state. We have a few, but we take care of them as if they were our children. We want each and every one of them to feel loved and taken care of. We invest time and energy in them, so owning more would make no sense to us. We are a small breeder, and we intend to stay this way.

Why Come To Us?

There are other German Shepherd Dog breeders in Aurora, Colorado, but none of them rise to our standards. The respect we have for out dogs is a rare thing. You have to see it to believe it, so we invite you to come and visit us anytime. Our doors are always open. We don’t hide anything we don’t make appointments for visitations. We don’t clean differently before a tour. We are always ready to show you the care, kindness and knowledge that goes into our facility.

Health Guarantees

For us, here at Kennel Brojan, health is one of the most important issues. We hold it above everything else, and we do our due diligence to ensure that all of our adult dogs, as well as puppies, are in good health. Moreover, we never provide unhealthy pups. The parents are from healthy lineages, and over the years through selective breeding, we managed to exclude as many health issues as we could. Just as in humans, health is something you never fully appreciate until it’s gone. We’ve learned this lesson and know that the health of our dogs is of critical importance to our business, our buyers and obviously our dogs. Because of that, we have partnered with local veterinarian Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora to provide top notch medical care to all our dogs. Working with our local clinic we are able to offer:

  • All our puppies are vaccinated and dewormed. By the time they’re available to purchase our puppies have had a series vaccines protecting them from deadly but preventable diseases like parvo and distemper.  Additionally, we offer free follow up vaccinations through our local veterinary partner.
  • Puppies will not suffer from genetic hip dysplasia. They are the outcome of years of selective breeding which has almost eliminated this chance. However, we cannot be held accountable for environmental hip dysplasia, which can result from running too fast, climbing stairs on a daily basis, inadequate nutrition, injuries, etc. While it can be difficult to make the distinction between genetic and strictly environmental factors we are confident in our 17 years of breeding experience. Even still, to make our buyers feel more comfortable, if Parkside or any local animal clinic diagnosis hip dysplasia before the age of 3 in any of our dogs, we will reimburse the purchase cost and reimburse the veterinary bill up to $500. Show us another breeder who stands behind their dogs like that?
  • Additionally, dogs will pass the OFA hip and elbow certification when they are one year of age.
  • If either OFA failure or hip dysplasia develops, you will have the option keep your dog and still qualify for the $500 veterinary reimbursement and reimbursement of the original purchase under the condition that you spay or neuter your animal.

We have been breeding dogs for 17 years and throughout that time we have worked closely with veterinary professionals to ensure that we breed for health first and breed standards second. Unlike other breeders, we will never sacrifice the health of the animal to achieve a more “perfect” breed standard.

We invite you to visit our facility anytime. Even if you aren’t interested specifically in a German Shepherd we still recommend you visit our kennels and discuss what you should be looking for in a proper breeding facility. Call us at 303.816.1032 or simply stop by.



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